3 “Secret Spots” On A Woman’s Body To Drive Her Crazy

How to drive her crazy in bed, guys need to know this stuff!

This article is inspired by “Revolutionary Sex” by Alex Allman.

What you might not know is that, unlike men, it is not difficult to give a woman an orgasm from stimulating these non-genital erogenous zones.

In this article I’m going to give you 3 erotic hot-spots that are extremely powerful, and a few tips on how to use them to drive your woman absolutely “crazy in bed”.

You’ll be ready to discover the best sex style that she likes, different styles of sex to keep her interested and aroused and “s ex positions” that will turn her on like she’s in heat!

Have you ever wished that you had some secret weapon up your sleeve that would make her go “whoa! what the heck was THAT?!”… something that would really turn her on in a way that no other man had ever done before?

Something that would set you apart in her mind as her most amazing lover?

Well, that’s one of the really cool things about finding a few of her “secret spots”.

See, first of all, most guys just don’t know about this stuff– they pretty much follow the same old routine every time– the breasts and the bits between the legs.

In fact, they’ll basically follow the same pattern every time– kissing, then feeling her breasts, then mouth on breasts, then maybe using their fingers, oral sex (either giving or receiving), then intercourse.

Nothing wrong with that… but there is so much more you could do to drive her wild. And when you do these other things, you light her imagination on fire– she immediately knows that she is dealing with a man who understands sex at a higher level.

And THAT is thrilling for her.

Second of all, believe it or not, MOST WOMEN DON’T EVEN KNOW about the secret spots that are on their OWN bodies.

Sounds crazy, I know, but that’s the way it is.

Part of the reason for this is that no man ever touched them in the right way before.

When you are the first to do it… believe me, she will DEFINITELY remember you for it.

Let me very quickly explain that the “paying attention” that I’m talking about is much more than just listening to what she tells you or noticing what she likes.

It’s about tuning in with your entire body to her entire body.

Every woman is different– and, more to the point of what I’m talking about, every woman has different ways she likes to be touched, different things that turn her on, and different things that bring her to orgasm.

When you tune into her entire body and really start paying attention to what it is telling you, you begin to uncover all of those things that are specific to the woman that you are with.

She feels like you are “reading her mind” in bed. She can’t believe how intuitively you know her body. She has orgasms with you on the very first time you are with her that are so powerful, that previously only men who had dated her for years had been able to achieve with her.

But also, when you tune in like that, something more subtle happens… not a physical thing, but a “feeling” thing. She feels a bridge of intimacy with you– an emotional connection that allows her to unleash her most powerful orgasms.

Paying attention like this will let you discover many secret spots on her body that she never even knew about… until she met you.

Cool, huh?

Okay, as promised, here are 3 of the best places on her body to drive her wild that most guys completely ignore– or are just too insecure to take their time exploring.

Sexy Spot #1: The Back Of Her Neck

It’s funny to me that so many guys KNOW about the fact that women like it when you kiss or bite the back of their neck… but so few guys actually do it for more than a quick thrill.

Some women may find the sensation a bit ticklish– that just means that she’s not aroused yet.

Once she is turned on, the back of the neck is one of the most sexually powerful spots on a woman’s body.

I have no idea if this is related… but in the world of cats– from house cats to lions, when the male cat mates with the female, he bites her on the back of the neck to put her into “sexual paralysis” so that she’ll be still enough for him to mate with her.

Well, I don’t know if this works on any other species in the animal kingdom… but it definitely works on humans.

When your woman is turned on, try gently lifting her hair and then kissing the back of her neck…

At this point, she may get goose bumps or make a little sexy noise… and this is when most men stop and move on to her breasts or whatever…

Instead, linger there at the back of the neck.

Let her feel the breath on the soft skin there. tease her with your tongue, then gently bite.

Now she may not go crazy right away. Just stay there holding the nape of her neck gently between your teeth. She may start to giggle… just stay for another moment…

It may take 10, 20, or even 30 seconds of continuous, light pressure, and she will very suddenly become incredibly aroused.

Some women can be brought to orgasm from gently biting and licking just the back of their neck. It may take some time, but the results are incredible.

This is also an incredibly powerful thing to do when you are already having sex with her from behind. Just lay your body across her back and bite as you continue to make love to her…

And then hope the neighbors don’t call the police from all the screaming.

Sexy Spot #2: Inside The Elbows and Knees

These soft, sensitive bits of skin are PG enough for any public place, and gently running the finger tips on them is a good way to give her the chills and set some anticipation for later in the evening.

But when “later in the evening” comes, they are so often neglected.

As foreplay, or when making love, gently trace your tongue around and over them, kiss, or even gently bite.

For some women, when highly aroused, a rhythmic motion with the tip of the tongue can lead to orgasm.

Sexy Spot #3: How To Find The Spot Of Your Own 

Welcome to the advanced class.

Today’s subject: How to find a secret spot that drives your woman wild in bed that nobody else knows about.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It breathes, it has tiny muscles that allow it to get firm or soft, or covered with goose bumps. It protects us from the outside world, and it is laced with a mesh of nerves that allow us to sense what the world is doing– from temperature, to wet or dry, rough or smooth, to hard or soft, from tickle to sharply painful.

But also the skin, in some areas, is capable of delivering a mind altering blast of sexual pleasure.

For guys, that mostly means the nerves in and around the penis and anus.

For women it can get much more… exotic and erotic.

Think of her body as a map where the lines of nerves intersect like rivers and road-ways– and in some areas these lines intersect in mysterious ways that can produce incredible sexual power.

How do you find which spots?

Tickle her.

This is not a 100% method, but it’s darn close.

Any spot that is ticklish on her body when you are just kidding around, is very, very likely to be powerfully erotic when she is sexually aroused.

So, where is your girl ticklish? The bottoms of her feet? Her belly? The space behind her knees? The small of her back? The side of her neck where it meets the shoulders?

I’ll tell you what… try out each one of these in the paragraph above. Most women are erotically sensitive in all of them.

But REMEMBER: She may be quite used to this spot being unpleasantly ticklish… if you just “go for it” it is likely to shock her right out of her sexual mood.

You have to approach it slowly. Think of it less like ambushing a wild animal than very slowly approaching and making friends with a frightened animal.

Get it?

Approach the area slowly with flat palm, just held steady, then maybe the finger tips…

Then maybe a gentle kiss.

If she can handle that, you might go for a flick of the tongue.

To maintain her aroused state, especially if you are already in bed, it might be a good idea to do this while you are actually making love.

Build it slowly. Eventually, if you are patient, you will build up to the point where you can lick it or bite it gently as if it were a “second clitoris”.

And as crazy as this sounds, with practice, this new spot might work every bit as powerfully as her clitoris.

In other words, it is not impossible that she will have orgasms from stimulating her new secret spot.

And if she does, you will be absolutely floored by the intensity of the orgasm she will experience.

Because it is a completely new experience for her it will be like taking her virginity, like she has come for the very first time.

It’s a completely amazing experience to share with a woman.

I strongly encourage you to try the first two spots first and then begin gently experimenting with the third.

It’s something that you might not get right away. Don’t be discouraged. It’s worth playing with for a while until you find your way.

And better yet, it’s a great, fun way to build physical intimacy and sexual trust in your relationship.

We hope you enjoyed this advice and learned a little something to use. Find more sexy turn-her-on in bed techniques here.

Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.

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