5 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You
These are the tell-tale signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you usually comes out of nowhere, with no warning at all.

This can be because you’ve been too comfortable with her as your girlfriend and she is unhappy, or she’s just looking for more attention and excitement than you are giving her.

Or it can simply be that your girlfriend is a cheater and always will be a cheater.

Look for these signs to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

She’s Texting A Lot More Than Normal

(And won’t tell you anything about the messages she’s fast and furiously reading and sending.)

If she’s texting a lot more than normal, and is more secretive of her phone, keeping it away from you from being able to see any notifications and keeping it locked when she didn’t do that before, it’s a blazing red flag that she has more to hide that just a new sense of personal privacy.

She’s Looking Better Than Ever

(New clothes, makeup, new hair style, all are warning signs of changes coming to your relationship.)

If your girlfriend is looking hotter than normal, and it’s not because you’re going out more often or doing more things together, you can bet she’s getting dressed up for someone else and maybe trying to impress the new guy she’s cheating on you with.

Her Friends Are Less Friendly Towards You

(They have a secret and don’t want to talk with you in case they mention something you shouldn’t know.)

When her friends know something is going on, and don’t want you to know, they’re going to avoid you more often. They don’t want to have the “what’s going on with my girlfriend” talk with you.

The other side of this is they start to behave like you’re sad and trying to cheer you up, taking the conversation with you to other people and just plain boring topics so that you’re distracted from asking them what’s really on your mind.

Your Girlfriend Is Suddenly Nice To You

(Sudden changes in attitude usually means they’re making up for guilty feelings.)

Her own guilt for cheating on you becomes the driving force of her being nicer to you to make up for her own guilt of her cheating on you. 

It’s this overcompensation of niceness that is a big clue of her hiding things from you. Watch out for her wanting “special time with you” that has to be planned around her suddenly busy schedule. Or maybe she starts to give you gifts to keep you busy while she’s out being busy with someone else.

Her Jealousy Went Into Overdrive

(She’s projecting her own feelings onto you because of her guilt.)

Her new jealousy streak aimed at you is because you should be jealous of her and her new cheating partner. 

If you can steer this into a conversation with your girlfriend about why she can trust you, but you don’t think you trust her as much as you once did, she may come clean and tell you the truth. This type of heart-to-heart talk will be hard but it’ll clear the air and let you know where you really stand in your relationship.

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.
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