Are You Ready For Love?

People in exceptional relationships are ready for love and in the process they reap some profound rewards.

Is Your Relationship Love-Ready?

This is the most important question you’ll ever ask yourself.

Our relationships are extremely important, they frame our actions and responses. But many times they are the cause of pain and struggle. Single or connected to someone special, societal standards convince us that we can have it all. Much of the available relationship advice compels us to go after everything we want. Sadly, for many it is not working. Increasing divorce rates and more singles seeking hook-ups are proof that our attitudes are counterproductive.

People’s expectations have become unrealistic

Not often enough do we look in the mirror and ask: Am I ready for love? Relationships these days are failing because of deterioration of character and personal responsibility. It is time we made a point of building our long-term relationship success based on the strength of our moral fortitude, instead of clever relationship strategies.

Great relationships require greatness in people

We simply must become better people for each other. Becoming ready for love is a powerful wake-up call for the brave. It will dramatically improve our relationships or our chances of finding love.

The happiest people are those in exceptional relationships

They are heavily invested in their most valuable asset: their relationship and have an abundance of life’s most precious commodity: love. They all have one thing in common: they are fit to love. At the heart of all exceptional relationships are three universal principles: mutual respect, moral responsibility and authenticity and here is what it means:

Mutual Respect: Your partner is just as important as you

Our partner’s dreams and hopes are as important as our own. This principle requires us to think of our partner as our equal. Given that our generation has made history as ambassadors of our “me first” society, we are more concerned with getting what we want.

Relationship conflicts arise because of different perspectives

Intimate couples argue over who is right, instead solving the issue in their mutual best interest. The struggle over unresolved issues leads to resentment even when there is love. Love and respect take a backseat and the relationship slips away into the mist. This dangerous game is the reason why many relationships fail, when they shouldn’t. Instead of trying to change each other or putting our needs first, we must realize that our partner is just as important. In grabbing hold of our partner’s strengths we show that we respect our partner. If conflict arises and we cannot agree, we should simply agree to disagree and continue to talk with respect. Without mutual respect, it is impossible to create loving relationships.

You are always morally responsible to those with whom you have relationships

We live in a society that elevates self-fulfillment above anything else. We seek self-fulfillment at any cost, even at the cost of others. Regardless of how often we have heard that we are not responsible for our partner’s happiness, we are still responsible for his or her wellbeing. Love is a moral responsibility to another person. We blame our partners if things do not work out without looking in the mirror to see our own flaws. Yet, everything we think, say or do affects those we love.

True love only happens when you are love-ready

Have you ever found yourself laughing simply because everyone else did? Agreed with your partner’s opinion even though you didn’t share it or said: “I love you” when you didn’t mean it. Did you ever do something inconsistent with your true feelings just to please someone or to get what you wanted? Of course we all have. We have lost the fortitude to be real!

For many there is quite a gap between their true being inside and the person they present to the world.

To receive approval by others we often compromise who we are. Conditioned by the influences around us we have become products of the culture we live in. No matter how good we are at playing roles eventually our honest truth emerges. Being ready for love means being real. When we are authentic our relationships become real and we never have to doubt them.

Regardless of the state of our relationships or how unsuccessfully we have tried to find love we have the power to radically change today. Mutual respect, moral responsibility and authenticity are key to exceptional relationships.

People in exceptional relationships are ready for love and in the process they reap some profound rewards:

  • They live much happier lives
  • They cope far better with stress
  • They have better sex more often
  • They laugh more often and have more fun
  • They are healthier and live longer
  • They are more optimistic
  • They feel more secure and stable


No wonder we envy these people. In times like these, laced with tremendous uncertainty their relationships are like rock-solid anchors. Let’s decide to be brave!

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