Are You Self-Isolating Before a Date?
During this crazy Covid-19 pandemic you're still looking for "The One", right?
Are You Self-Isolating Before a Date?

COVID-19 Dating Guide

Here’s some advice, should you want it, to date safely.

First Step: Meet Online

Online and mobile app dating is the “go to” starting point for most people and this is the safest way to meet your next date.

Before you invest the time to make your date as safe as it can be, be certain (as much as you can) that the person you’ll meet up with is worth the effort.

This is sage advice at the best of times and we’re certainly amongst the worst of times now!

Pre-Date Safety Check

You should start with a Covid-19 test, just to be sure. Your planned date won’t be for a few days and right now, better safe that sorry and ending up the person responsible and labeled as a “super-spreader” just because you threw caution to the wind.

You have your hand sanitizer at the ready. You’ve shopped for and found the face mask that adds to your personality. You’ve researched the local indoor and outdoor patio eating establishments and coffee shops that are following the proper health protocols that will keep the two of you safe.

Be the one that insists on safety first, just as you take a condom with you on a date “just in case”.

Meeting Up

At this point all of your ducks are in a row.

You have your Personal Protective Equipment at hand. You know the best place to meet up and have made the reservation for two that you will both enjoy. Your travel route is planned. And you’ve even looked at “after dinner options” should you want to extend the date beyond your reservation and need a second place to go to.

Even with current restrictions in place you can enjoy yourself!

Getting Through the Date

As on any first (or second or third) date, keep an open mind about who you are meeting. It’s this face-to-face (socially distanced) getting together that sets the pace of any future relationship and lifetime plans.

Be mindful of the servers and other patrons of the establishment where you are. Don’t voice up about conspiracy theories, hoaxes and the stupid things that will show you as close-minded and uncaring for those around you.

How you act “in this moment” is the basis of how others will build on their first impression of you.

As the Date Ends

The toughest part, if the date has met expectations, is when to end it. Listen to your inner voice and don’t drag out the evening. There will be a second date and these steps will start all over again, with some minor adjustments.

After the Date

Don’t hesitate to send a text or make the phone call to continue the great conversations you’ve had during your date. Plan to meet again soon. Don’t be too eager, which can be hard to hide (we all crave human companionship and social interactions), but knowing the right dating steps and how to progress so you further learn about and can appreciate this new person entering your life is all-important. 

Thanks for reading. 
Robert Lee.

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