Are You The Weakest Link In A Relationship?

Are you pointing flingers and placing blame when your relationship starts to sour? Maybe it's you, if you can see yourself on this list.

Are You Leading or Following in Your Relationship?

When relationships start to break down it’s easy to point fingers at the other person, but if all you’re doing to placing blame, then it possibly could be you expecting too much while doing too little.

If you can see actions or thoughts that you’ve had on this list you may need to pay better attention to how you treat the people you are involved with.  

If your other half can be found described below you may want to help them realize that there are better ways to behave and act around others. 

You are The Weakest Link in a relationship if you:

On Special Days

  • Forget birthdays or other special days
  • Forget birthdays or other special days 2 years in a row
  • Plan a romantic weekend and forget the condoms
  • Buying a household appliance for his/her birthday
  • You always remember your Mother’s birthday, but not your kid’s Mother’s birthday – and you’re still married! (sent in by Stan)
  • While shopping for that “perfect gift” you buy yourself something really expensive (sent in by Ron)
  • Thinking that wedding Anniversaries, Valentines and Sweetest Day are holidays for only women to receive gifts and be spoiled. If you like great gifts that take some thought maybe your mate would like something other than a tie or the goofy shirt he has been refusing since his birthday. Love is not a one way event and neither are these special days. (Sent in by John)
  • Te-Te sends in: Don’t call if you don’t have anything to talk about
  • Rather than calling or making any effort email a quick note from work and suggest nice things she could make for you for dinner on her special day.

About Sex

  • Watch TV during sex
  • Fall asleep during sex
  • Call out somebody else’s name during sex
  • Oral sex and forget shaving (for the man)
  • Oral sex and forget shaving (for the ladies)
  • You know that people still do it – but can’t remember why (sent in by Geoff)
  • Think about it all day long at work and forget it when you come home (sent in by Mike)
  • You don’t worry if your partner had a good time or not. (sent in by Jim)
  • When you have sex with someone other than your husband. (sent in by Bill)
  • If you don’t know how, DON’T DO IT (sent in by Rhiannon)
  • If you partner can’t “do it” than get a new one. (Sent in by ‘unknown’)
  • You wake up the next morning and look at your partner and say “nothing happened right?”


  • If a romantic date means going to see a sporting event
  • Talk about yourself instead of the other person
  • Allow jealousy to compete for the attention of your mate
  • Talk about previous ex’s
  • Forget to bathe, 3 days running
  • Blames you because they are not having a good time (sent in by Red)

When Being Together

  • You are the weakest link if you are thinking of another person whilst being with your special person (Stacey sent this in)
  • Teasing her about something until she gets annoyed yet you still won’t shut up (Tami sent this in)
  • Wear matching outfits with your mate and think that you look better
  • Restaurants were only an option before he/she moved in
  • Remember to say “I Love You” just before you want to “Do It”
  • Don’t ever say “Pull my finger!” to her/him.
  • You let her walk in the door first, after all, someone has to open it! (sent in by Bruce)
  • You do as your told, don’t argue even when they are wrong and when walking together you are always a step or two behind ie. you follow. (Sent in by Lady Killmonger)
  • Running out of words and not knowing what to say next (Sent in by Hugo L.)
  • To forget you even have a husband (Sent in by Jessica)

When Shopping

  • Go grocery shopping and forget the “feminine hygiene products” on the list
  • Go grocery shopping and forget the chocolate milk, again
  • Remember to pickup your favorite tabloid, again
  • Stare at clothes that don’t fit (men shopping with/for women)
  • Suggest clothes that don’t fit (women shopping with/for men)


  • Make friends with the hated uncle/aunt
  • Laugh at the father-in-law’s (to-be) bad jokes
  • Don’t laugh at the father-in-law’s (to-be) bad jokes
  • Don’t say ‘I Love You’ unless you mean it! (sent in by Dennis)
  • Cherche une femme – pour une relation sublime (Contributed by Hassan)
  • Don’t get used (Sent in by Ken H.)
Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.
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