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Asked: Why is My Boyfriend Suddenly Ghosting Me?

You thought everything was great, suddenly he's not available. What can you do?

Why is my boyfriend ignoring me?

A lot of the time when a man becomes turned off, or simply changes his mind about a woman he’s been seeing, rather than “man up” and tell her, he simply ghosts her and stops answering texts, messages and calls.

He takes the coward’s way out.

And you’re stuck wondering what happened. Did you do something? Did he find someone else?

The usual response here is to reach out to his friends that you know and find out f they know any reason why he’s suddenly ghosting you.

And you’ll probably check out his social media posts to see what’s he’s up to now, and with whom.

You need closure.

You find out he’s seeing someone else.

This is probably the worse of all reasons why he’s ghosting you. But it does show his true colors and you can be thankful you’re relationship didn’t carry on further and his cheating didn’t destroy a longer term relationship.

You find out he’s decided he’s just not into you anymore.

This certainly happens, but it’s not a real reason to ghost you. He’s a “man-baby” that looks for his own self-interest, and makes decisions that affects others without caring about others. This type usually fails in relationship after relationships and you can be sure that at some point he’ll reach out to you. Don’t be fooled by his pretending to ask for forgiveness. He kicked you to the curb in the worse possible way. Not it’s your turn to ghost him.

You are able to talk to him about what happened.

This is a start to getting “relationship closure”. How you handle the conversation and how he responds, and what he says, will tell you the kind of person he is and if he’s worth fighting for, to try again in your relationship. 

Don’t show how hurt you are, don’t make him defensive, this is about you and how you respect yourself and he needs to do the same.

What you need to do next is…

Read more about how to have this conversation with the boyfriend that was ghosting you, read this article.



Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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