Can You Get His Real Attention?

Getting a man's attention and having him give you his total focus are two different things, aren't they? Yes! This is what you need to do.

How To Keep a Man Interested

It’s a few months into a new relationship, or years into a marriage, and the boredom of life and work not only take over but suddenly we find ourselves feeling like we are in the shadows, no longer being such a big part in our partner’s life as we once were.

Understanding why this happens, and the feelings that come to the surface of your relationship, is the first step in making the changes to your life, to add excitement and love back into your life together and be happy again.

Change Happens

Yes, people change, they find new interests, make new friends, grow new thoughts and opinions of their own.

When it’s your boyfriend or husband it can be change that is startling.

These changes are not things to be feared but they do creep slowly into relationships and are not realized they even happened until they become a big deal.

Relationships are easy when he wants to share with you, do for you, give of his time and energy to be with you and put you first.

But relationships aren’t always this frictionless or full of togetherness

Life gets in the way of your loving relationship and we can easily find ourselves left out, maybe even feeling pushed aside but all the other things going on. It’s how you’re behaving that can unintentionally cause this friction.

  • Are your own demands of him poisoning the future you want to have?
  • Is he really uncaring or does he just not understand your needs?

And are you effectively talking to him of the things you want in your relationship or are you pushing him into his man cave with the words and tone you approach him with when you want to talk?

It’s easy to feel the emotion of love but how do you express it?

Is it in action or words? Small acts that describe the loving you hope you have of your relationship or words that he may find to be demands instead of questions, cornering him into making choices you didn’t intend.

We all live inside ourselves looking out of our framed life experience to interpret the things we observe and hear. Learning how to open up to talk about your feelings the right way is what you need to do.

Is your life experience enough to help you get through these moments or should you lean on someone that has not only gone through this before in her own relationship but also helped thousands of women approach these same things and finding that success and happiness is just in the approach that is taken.

It may be time to look beyond yourself and your friends for relationship help

The Modern Siren Program will give you the steps to take and reveal why you feel this way and how to make the changes needed to save your relationship.

How Do You Deserve The Good Stuff From A Man? You Just Do!!!

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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