Commitment, is it just something that happens?
Do you wait for him to talk about your long-term future together, or just wait and wait, and wait, for it to happen? You need a commitment blueprint.
Commitment Blueprint

How Do You Get a Man to Have a Committed Relationship With You?

All we want really want is for our lives to be like a love song: easy, rhythmic, fun and filled with love and appreciation.

Is that too much to ask? 

The problem with commitment is that it takes two people to be on the same page, with the same goals, and be in the same relationship space at the same time.

The saying “How can you find someone that will love you if you can’t find yourself?” has never been truer.

There are so many competing things in our lives, we’re busier, more stressed and getting a non-stop flow of information from so many channels (social media, news, podcasts, videos, etc.) that finding time to reflect and take action on the things that make our lives happier becomes harder and harder.

That is, until we stop, pause and wonder what happened to our lives?

Understand the Commitment Blueprint

It’s important, extremely important, to be able to get rid of the noise and focus on not only your future, but on having a committed partner that shares your enthusiasm for life and love.

You may ask “Where is that person?”

My response to you is “Where are you”?

Do you have a plan to find a partner that is not only open to the idea of a committed relationship and a “forever promise” but you also know what that person looks like when they enter your life?

Do you know the words that they’ll say that can bring your future into focus or destroy the thought of a happy lifetime together?

What does your commitment blueprint look like? Do you even have a plan that you can depend on?

It’s time to get a plan put together, and understand what it looks like, how a commitment plan works and how it will change not only yourself but the very person you desire to share your life with.

Actions, not words, make the difference

Having a plan you can count on, as defined by experts, can positively change your view on a committed relationship that has “forever” as a real possibility.

That is when you will know that the love you have attracted will bring you joy, today and tomorrow.

When your commitment blueprint is in action, you’ll have the confidence of your relationship moving in the right direction and your partner being in the same relationship phase as you are.
You deserve to have the love and commitment you want.

Now is the time to make the decision to put together a commitment plan because commitment doesn’t just happen, it starts with a plan.

Continue reading “How to create a commitment blueprint”.

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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