Could You Be Good For A Day?
We all have daily struggles with our identity and the personality we bare to others. The goal is to control the part of you that you show to people.

How to be Happy in an Angry World

[Adapted from The Modern Siren by Rori Raye

We have struggles that interrupt the good aspects of our lives on an almost daily basis, taking us from being a nice and kind person to an angry or harsh individual.

But if we can accept that it’s just one part of ourselves that we choose to show the world at that time and then we can also accept that we have control over how we behave and how we react to these challenges in our daily lives.

With this in mind I want to offer you a challenge: Can you be good for a day?

This is what you’ll need to prepare yourself for this challenge:
List the times when you’re not at your best, what makes you angry, what makes you sad, and write down what you might say and how you might say it. (this doesn’t have to be a long list.) Do you swear? Wave your arms? Start barking words at the offender? Write it all down the best you can.

Give yourself a weapon against these challenging emotions. I have a little chant that I do to take me from anger to happiness. When I am challenged to not be at my best I try to immediately gain control of my emotions and say to myself “This is not who you are, you are a good person”. I give myself 3 or 5 seconds to regain my composure and let my good person inside come out to handle the challenge, whatever it is. At the end of the day write down what your challenges were and how you handles them.

You will find through this exercise that you will begin to handle these challenges better and you’ll become a friendlier person the more you work on this exercise.

Everyone wants to meet the friendlier you, honest!

Note: for the purpose of this exercise you don’t have to have a comprehensive list of what makes you bring out the angry personality inside and I suggest that you should do this exercise once a week and see how you do.

Maybe at the end of the day a couple of minutes of meditation reflecting on your day will help you to remember your challenges and reactions.

Now go and be nice for a day.

This is not a lecture… this is the first step. Take the next step… Read… Learn… Live.

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