Creating the Right Relationship Foundation

A strong foundation is required to keep what is built upon it long lasting.

Great Love Needs a Strong Foundation

You know the above statement to be true. You have witnessed this in life and in many other forms.

But how do you apply this to your own life and relationships?

#1 Know What You Want and How to Get It

Having defined goals is the first step to arriving at the result you want.

It’s not enough to say “I want to be happy” or “I want a loving relationship,” you need to clearly and with detail describe the goal and the steps you’ll take to reach it.

Besides the over-all goal, make sure that each step you need to take is achievable. It’s great to set a goal to lose weight. That goal has specific steps you need to take to reach it. When you break down each step into a specific action, you take one mountainous goal and break it into small baby-steps that are not so daunting.

Remember to celebrate every baby-step success! While encouragement from others will feed your ego, that great feeling won’t last as long as when you reward yourself with suitable congratulations.

#2 Know What is Attainable and Do What is Needed To Reach Your Goal

Who wouldn’t want to be at the top of their field, or on the promotion fast-track in their career?

These are attainable goals that require hard work, dedication and commitment.

But not everyone can say aloud (with honesty) that they have the drive to reach these goals. The goal you choose has goalposts you need to get past.

Understanding what you can attain starts only with what you can realistically commit yourself to doing.

#3 Seek Out Advice From Those with Experience

On every bar stool and highway off-ramp there is someone willing to give you their advice. Right or wrong, they will be more that happy to share their experiences with you.

Seeking out advice from people that have had the same challenges as you and have achieved the same goals that you are striving to reach is very important at any stage of your life, during any time of good and bad events you find yourself in.

Do your research, ask questions, have an idea of what the answer should look like (not necessarily what the final answer is or must be), so you can recognize valuable advice from someone else’s fantasy experience.

#4 Be Aware of Successes and Failures

Memories fade and become tarnished with age. Your successes and failures, big and small, will take on different dimensions in the story of your life. Leaving a record of what happened and why, a journal of sorts, will help you to remember accurately what you did and didn’t do to reach or miss your goals.

Missteps on the road to a goal are not always a failure, it’s just a signal to look once again at your road map.

What direction steered things wrong? What winds caused the boat to rock?

Take a step back and evaluate where you are and how you arrived there before you take the next step onward.

#5 The Start of a Strong Relationship Foundation

Communication is, arguably, the most important part of any relationship. Without an equal and open channel, what is left unsaid, and misunderstood, will derail any relationship at any stage.

You know what you want to talk about. You may not know the best way to discuss your feelings.

If you’re deep into relationship there are serious steps you need to take to re-open these topics so they can be discussed without anger and without hurt.

When your relationship is new use the points you’ve read so far to lay the foundation of open and honest communication. The dividends will be amazing.

For greater detail about creating a strong relationship foundation, continue reading here.

Thanks for reading,
Robert Lee 

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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