Do You Remember Love?

Love is not paradise lost, it is alive, we just have to let the sunlight in, brush away the rust and cobwebs of our emotional selves, and feel love alive again.

Allow the Memory of Love To Rejuvenate You

Remember when you were four or five years old, and you were just out of the bath, all clean and shiny, wrapped up in big fuzzy towel, drying off and being held in your mother or your father’s arms. So close to love, so undeniable.

We’ve all had these feelings of love, and we’ve all lost their memories. Sadly, we go on and we move forward just as surely as the sun sets and the sun rises. Your days continue.

Falling in love for the first time was magic, was an experience that will probably never be repeated. Falling in love for the second time is comforting, and warm. Maybe even snuggly. Falling in love with a good man, was all those things, is all those things. And it’s the memory of that love, that realistic memory, that undeniable truth, that needs to be relived each and every day.

It’s easy to let things slide fall into a routine just doing life, instead of living life. Do you see yourself in that statement?

We do move forward in our lives, not always searching for love, but certainly trying to hold onto love. Often times, that means giving more than receiving and acceptance of the things you can change and the things you can’t change in the control you have over your life and your relationships.

If you’re searching for why things went wrong in your relationship the first thing you have to do is realize that you have to stop looking outside of yourself. Certainly there are times in a relationship is destroyed by forces outside of your control. A cheating mate, a family tragedy, or some other bad happening can certainly destroy a relationship. No one would fault you for things outside of your control.

But what of the relationship issues that are within your control, what actions have you taken to heal your relationship?

If you find yourself wondering about your relationship, it also means that you find yourself wondering about your own truth, your own identity, your own self.

If you find yourself going through the motions of love and not really loving you deceive all those in your life, and this is a tragedy. But your life does not have to live in tragedy, your life should live in love.

You may just need a guide along the way to help you find love and to fall in love with your man again. Everyone needs help now and there’s no shame in reaching out. So reach out.

I can remember a time back in my own life, when I was in love just a teenager in love. I can remember how that held everything for me. It was my world, no one could tell me anything, it didn’t matter what anyone, said it was real love (I thought), and I held onto it. For your first love is something shiny and new, aglow with light. As you understand love at that age. But what was said is true. It wasn’t real love. It was hormones and emotions and raging teenagerism. And then at some point, it was over. For some unknown, unremembered reason, and as I look back I can remember the emotions, I can remember the feelings, I can’t remember the girl.

And now in my relationship with my wife I have love, and I understand love is another path that takes us forward, not always straight to fulfillment, that’s for sure, but it’s something my wife and I work on every day to maintain love. It’s true that love is shown in the small things, in the habits my wife and I are forming that are with us everyday.

We make sure the last thing we say to each other is “I love you” as either of us leave the house, for who knows when we’ll meet again.

A kiss is what we fall asleep with, a kiss is what we share in the morning when we awake. Love is in the little notes leave for each other, in the text messages that we send each other throughout the day.

Love is in the meals we cook, the movies we watch, the time we spend together and the time that we make available for each other. 

Love is huge, love is grand. And love is in the small things that you do as well. I hope you find your path to love, to remember love, to have love and to hold onto love.

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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