Examples Of Effective Personal Ad Replies

Examples of how to reply to an online personal ad that will get you a response.

Personal Ad Replies You Can Use

The great thing about online dating is that it isn’t instant (unless your DMing someone!).

You’re not talking to someone face-to-face, you have the opportunity to fully think out what to say to someone.

These personal ad examples can inspire you to expand your dating bio and add some humor to your words. A positive outlook when using personal ads and dating apps will make meeting people a lot more fun and rewarding.

Delete the awful sentences and rewrite your reply so you’ll have a real chance of a response.

But what if you’re just not used to answering personal ads online?

Don’t worry, here are some sample responses that you can write, either as a response to someone’s personal ad or a reply to their message to you.

Just remember to make the changes that will make your email a personal note from you. (The XXX is where you make changes!)

I’m really glad that you joined XXX(dating service) because now I’ve found you!

As you have written in your profile, I also share in XXX(interests) and like to XXX(activities).

One of my favorite memories with XXX(activity) was when I… (fill in the rest of a short story here).

Right now I’m out the door to XXX(personal errands). Email me again and we can talk some more and find out what more we have in common.

TTYS (Talk to You Soon)


I normally wait for others to message me first (I hate being forward and showy) but your profile really caught my attention.

I find it hard to believe that we have so much in common, live so close to each other, and I haven’t bumped into you except for this dating service.

Just like you I am also a fan of XXX (something here, books, music, movie genres, dining, etc) and last did XXX(activity) only a XXX week or so (time period) ago. I went to XXX(place) to do XXX(activity). I think they have the best XXX(whatever it is) in the XXX (your local area).

Let’s plan a chat time at XXX(dating service) to talk over the XXX(whatever from previous paragraph). I’m usually good to catch online around XXX(time here).

Bye for now!


Nice photo. Did you have a friend that hates you take it?

Seriously though, you have a great smile. And I like how you describe yourself because I think we have XXX(activity) in common.

PS. I’ve updated my photos to include a smile just for you!


The secret to a good response to someone’s personal ad or their response to your personal ad is to keep it short; to connect through what you already know about that someone; point out only one or two things you have in common and, finally, don’t ramble on about your life, the disappointments you’ve had, the hard day at work or anything that would be complaining!

Follow what I say and you’ll be happily meeting new people online and asking for, and getting, the dates you want!

Thanks for reading and best of luck in your personal ad writing.

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Examples of how to reply to an online personal ad that will get you a response.
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