Five Magical Ways To Propose At Christmas

This moment in your life should be romantic, inspired and a bit of a surprise to your girlfriend to make your marriage proposal a magical moment that you both will remember forever.

Great Ways to Propose at Christmas

Planning is essential in any marriage proposal. You have to have the ring selected, the time and the place chosen. This moment in your life should be romantic, inspired and a bit of a surprise to your girlfriend to make your marriage proposal a magical moment that you both will remember forever.

Here are some ideas how to propose when you’re ready to ask the ultimate question “Will you marry me?”

While getting your picture taken with Santa

A great time to ask “Will you marry me?” that will be a great surprise and a public demonstration of your commitment, as well as having a picture taken of the moment, is to take your girlfriend to see Santa at the local mall. Set up in advance with Santa and his crew what your plan is so when you arrive for your photo they will take the first picture with her in Santa’s lap and you standing behind or to the side, still in the picture. If possible, kneel close so that you and your girlfriend are on the same level with Santa. Once the first picture is taken, after she tells Santa what her Christmas wish is, it’s time to go down on one knee, pull out your engagement ring and pop the question. When she says yes have it planned for a second picture to be taken. You’ll have your fiancé, and pictures to remember the treasure the moment for all time.

The gift proposal

The both of you will be together, maybe alone, maybe with family and friends. Under the tree is a gift for your girlfriend. Inside it is the engagement ring, on the wrist of a plush doll. When she opens the gift she’ll find the stuffed doll and maybe not the ring. On one knee, as she is holding the doll, speak your marriage proposal as you reveal the ring to her from the doll. She’ll be awestruck and this will be a magical moment as the two of you start to plan your life together.

The romantic Christmas walk proposal

Most towns and cities have public displays of lit trees, Christmas lights and neighborhoods that are very well decorated to the Holiday. Take your girlfriend on this walking tour of Christmas decorations and about halfway through the walk make your proposal known to her. Stop her in a well-lit area, full of Christmas cheer and, on one knee, pop the question. She will be romantically inspired by the beautiful lights and setting and both of you will have the rest of the walking tour on feet that hardly touch the ground.

The romantic photo album proposal

Atmosphere is most important with this proposal idea. You’ll want to create a romantic setting by starting with a dinner you have made for her. After dinner is over, maybe after you’ve shared a dessert too, move out to the living room area and sit her on the sofa. Turn on some music, slow and romantic. Bring out a special gift that you made for her: a photo album of pictures of the time and places you’ve shared. You don’t need to fill the album with pictures, just maybe 8 or more pictures recording the fun times you’ve had together. On the page after the last photo is a card that says “Will you marry me”, handwritten of course. Under the proposal you will have placed your engagement ring, fastened in some way to the note so that it can’t slip out of place. Your romantic thoughtfulness in creating the photo album for her and the presentation of the ring, will carry the moment.

The restaurant proposal

Celebrating Christmas is a time for sharing your heart-felt feelings with family and friends. After an afternoon of gift shopping with your fiancé-to-be, head over to your favorite restaurant for a much needed break from the crowds and a good meal. Planning ahead of time, when the meal is complete have the waiter bring a bottle of champagne to your table. After glasses are poured make a toast to the time that you and your girlfriend have spent together and the happiness that you’ve shared. Then bring the engagement ring out from your pocket, open the box and ask her to marry you. Your proposal will be an event in her life that she will tell family and friends for the rest of her life.

Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.

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