Getting Through To The Man Inside the Boy
Yes, he really is in there somewhere...

How to Reach the Man Inside the Boy

Parents always worry about the boy inside the man… generally the carelessness of thoughtlessness that the boy is capable of (incapable of?).

YOU want to get to the “Man inside the Boy”.

Boys have friends, hang out and don’t do too much, generally speaking.

Men, on the other hand, step up to the plate, swing for the long ball, and aim to please others first.

Now, no one in their right mind will tell you which is better than the other, and I certainly won’t. (I’m still wondering how my wife managed to train me!)

But it’s a decision all women must make:

  • the boy inside the man, or
  • the man inside the boy

Which type of guy will best take care of them.

Keep in mind, there are very few men in the world that when given the opportunity and tools to provide for his wife, and family, he would actually run away from those deeds.

Men, do step up to the plate. But are you seeing the man first, or the boy?

Which attracted you?

When you know the answer to that question, you’ll have a great idea of how your life with him will be.

Everyone knows that guys don’t change.

Men, on the other hand, are capable of moving mountains for the women they love.

That’s the man you want.

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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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