Heat Up Your Social Life With These Ideas

Social networking is up to you. If you can commit to spending time on yourself, others will commit to spending time with you.

How To Get a Social Life

You’re reading this article, probably on your own, wondering what’s next in your life.

It’s now:

And here you are, trying to find ways to turn on your social life … get things going in the friendship circle that you so badly want to have.

But, how do you go about getting a social life when people are so hard to meet? When it’s such a busy world? When time is so short?

You have to commit to making your social network work for you. “But,” you say “I don’t have a social network and new friends are so hard to meet.”

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. You have to commit to making these changes to your life that make you an approachable person.

Here are some starter tips for you to expand your social network:

  • Commit yourself to doing what it takes to become approachable and interesting as a person. It’s easier than you think, but you have to decide that this is a good thing. Change is good.
  • Start reading some interesting magazines and newspapers on a daily basis. You’ll be amazed at the conversations you’ll be prepared for when you actually have a better idea of the world around you. You’ll need to read fashion magazines, movie magazines, business papers and daily newspapers. Commit to the world around you that is the news of the day.
  • Visit websites that are local to where you live. For most cities and towns, even the smallest places people live, there is a website that has information about local events of what’s happening where you live. And most of the time there are forums tied to these local websites that are great online ways to interact with other local people. This is a great first step to actually meeting people face-to-face. Commit yourself to being involved with your local area.
  • Think of the social situations that make you uncomfortable. How many times have you decided not to do something because the fear of being outside your comfort circle stopped you from possibly enjoying yourself? Commit to making changes in your social routine that allows you to explore a larger part of the local world around you. Go out for meals in new restaurants. Visit a library that is out of your neighborhood. Commit yourself to exploring beyond the usual places you visit as part of your regular routines.
  • Encourage your friends to introduce you to their friends. Automatic referrals are a great way to quickly expand your circle of friends. And once you start talking to your friends about meeting their friends, your social network will grow quickly. Commit yourself to getting your small circle of friends talking about you to their larger circle of friends.
  • Become the fun person that is inside you. It’s surprising how many people see themselves as a “fun-loving person” yet they shy away from hosting parties. Here is your chance. Set up a friendly potluck dinner or lunch. Have a weekly or monthly movie night at your house or apartment. Commit to ‘doing’ rather than waiting to be invited.
  • Take an interest in self-improvement. Investigate the local night-school options of cooking classes, history lessons, language studies. Don’t waste your evenings away when you could be improving yourself through part-time education, even if those classes are strictly for your own enjoyment. Cooking classes are a great first step. Learning a new language will take you to places you’ve never been or perhaps want to return to one day. Commit to self-improvement.

Social networking is up to you. If you can commit to spending time on yourself, others will commit to spending time with you.

Become your own social network director and start living life they way you know it should be! 

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