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Meet & Attract Women

The Quickest Way For a Man to Meet a Woman:

Walk up to her and say “Hi”.

This works 99% of the time. (For the other 1%, the woman didn’t hear you and you may have missed your opportunity to meet her.)

Some guys will say this is too obvious, and other guys will say I’m too shy or scared of rejection to just walk up to a woman and talk to her.

There are three things every guy needs to be able to meet and attract women, they are:

  • Confidence
  • Opportunity
  • Follow-up

Let’s look closer at these three things every guy needs to have to meet and attract women. 


A man looking sideways with confidence

The meaning of confidence: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities, as in: “he’s brimming with confidence”.

Every guy has confidence. Maybe not around women, but certainly when you’re doing something that you’ve done before, and you can do it well, you’re “confident” about doing it. 

So, how does a guy that has no confidence around women, get the confidence to approach women?

In a word: practice.

Confidence is one of those personality skills that you need to have polished and at the ready. 

You practice talking to women so that you can talk to women confidently. Once you start, and the women that you’re talking to responds, your confidence will grow.

Here are some things to practice to say to women, because practice makes perfect (start with regular things and talk to regular women wherever you are. Restaurants and coffee shops are good places to practice saying nice and interesting things to women.

  • Can you believe this weather?
  • Do you know when the bus comes?
  • Did you hear about the {insert latest news story here}
  • Do you know the score of the {local sports team name} game?
  • Is there a place around here that fixes {insert item here, like “watches}

These are just regular questions that are conversation starters. Nothing too obvious like a pickup line, after all, you’re not trying to pick these women up, you just want to share some words with them. 


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The meaning of opportunity: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something:, as in: “the opportunity to move forward has arrived”.

Opportunities to meet women are present every day, all you have to do is be able to see it.  

Every waking moment can be focused on the opportunity to meet women in front of you, or being ready for the next opportunity when it comes. And it’ll comer quickly when you know what to look for. 

Taken with the practice above, the opportunity to meet women becomes more present as you look more intently at the world around you.


Think of your regular day, the things you do almost out of habit as you go about your life.

  • Ride the bus/train to school/work
  • Go to the coffee shop and pick up a drink
  • Grab a fast-food bite to eat
  • In a store shopping

Your life is not lived in a vacuum, it’s outside, where the women are. It’s getting things done so you have clothes to wear, money to spend, food to eat. And women need and do these things too.

That’s called the “opportunity to meet women”. All it takes is a few nice words as openers, and an exit strategy to get their mobile number, email or social media account.

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Two women and a man talking while sitting outside on concrete stairs

The meaning of follow-up: a piece of work that builds on or exploits the success of earlier work.

Following up with a woman that you’ve spoken with requires that you have succeeded with getting her info. This can be anything that allows you to contact her again, as opposed to having to hang out somewhere and hope that you’ll run into her.

Now that you’re following up with her you need to know what to say to keep her interested in you. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

You need to have conversational skills as your follow-up so that you can talk about her, talk about the things she likes and doesn’t like. 

Don’t talk too much, if at all, about yourself. The most interesting people ask questions and listen to the answers and ask more questions, they don’t talk tooo mush, they get the other person to do the talking.

Once you’ve made your initial connection with a woman you need to keep her attention. 

Great conversationalists always have women around them because good conversations are entertaining, when you know what and how to talk around women. You conversations should always be:

  • Friendly in tone (do not start arguments)
  • On an interesting topic (preferably a topic you already know she’s interested in)
  • Easy to follow (don’t talk over anyone’s head or intelligence)

What topic to have a conversation about? The subject matter is all around us.

To keep your conversations friendly and approachable (so you don’t turn her off) start with a good story about your school days and ask her about hers. From there you should be able to ask additional questions that will reveal the things she is interested in and these are your things to talk about to keep a woman attracted to you.

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