How To Catch Him Forever
All the good guys aren't gone you've just been looking in the wrong places.

Where Are All the Quality Men?

If you’re asking yourself where have all the good men gone I can only answer you with this: Where have you been looking?

I am sure that every woman wants a guy to not only love her but to make her feel loved all the time.

So, if you have that as your main goal, how have you been looking to find that one special guy that will:

  • always show he is in love with you
  • always show you that he wants to make you happy
  • always wants to devote himself to just you

99% of all men, (OK, maybe 90% of all men) want to be able to express these three things towards the woman they are with, if they truly feel that they deserve the woman they are with.

Have the guys that you’ve dated felt they have “won you over” by your actions and words or do you think that they have just been lucky to be with you and that, their insecurities intact, they always knew that sooner or later they would bore you, hamper your career, or otherwise make it all-too-well-known that you really were too good for them, so they’d cause an issue to give you a reason to break up with them.

These are the guys that are not only part of that 10% but they are also the guys that are immature and because of their own doubts they feel that any long-term commitment is not within their grasp, it is not even within their capabilities.

And so one thing or another leads to the breakup.

For these 10% of guys, they were really not into being in a relationship, so how did you end up with them?

Immature guys are fun, spontaneous, but also they are a relationship death trap.

Identify these guys by seeing that they don’t have any steady “good buddies” that think highly of them. They might have a “so-so” job, or be moving from one job to another every few months. Once a guy like this gets a job, it either quickly bores him ( because he actually has to work!) or he isn’t up to the standards demanded by the job.

Also watch for his living arrangements. Are they cheap? Does he have nice furniture? Or are his earnings going towards male “toys” while his home is ignored or just barely liveable because of the cheapness of the surroundings? A guy that is into his own way of doing things, due to immaturity, will always have a poor home setup, to keep his cash flow available to do whatever, whenever, forgoing the proper niceties in life, like a nice place to live and nice furniture that allows him to “share” his home with someone other than a group of drinking buddies.

If you want to catch him, make sure that:

he is up to your standards
he has a stable background, stable job, stable friends
he is open for a committed relationship, not just a quick fling
When you’re ready to make a commitment with your life, be sure your partner is also living in the same world you are. 

The Commitment Blueprint will give you REAL WORLD ANSWERS and solutions to the things you’re dealing with when it comes to men.

You can start by watching this video.


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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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