How To Make Your Friends With Benefits Your Boyfriend
Changing your relationship from being "friend's with benefits" to a real romance with him in a few easy steps.

Can You Change a Friends With Benefits to a Real Relationship?

A lot of women end up in a “Friends with benefits” relationship because it’s just so simple to have someone make love to you, and not get deeply involved in your life.

The guy isn’t expected to stay round, make up relationship rules… it’s just sex.

The problem with this arrangement, however, is that you really cannot separate sexual intimacy from relationship intimacy. You might think you can, and maybe in the early stages of a FWB relationship it does work that way, but eventually the two intimacies (sexual and relationship) come together.

And you, the woman, realize how much you have started to depend on this guy for more than just sex.

FWB is Just Sex

But, you do understand that as long as you remain FWB there is no relationship to be created outside of your sexual encounters with this guy, even that now you are falling for him and expecting more of him as becoming a boyfriend.

Maybe you start trying to push him into taking you on a real date, or you start to have “relationship” talks in an attempt to find out if he does like you more than just being a friend with benefits. Often the girl and guy do have friends in common, they share group activities, and the FWB relationship is in the open.

This adds complexity to changing the relationship from FWB to boyfriend and girlfriend.

There are three rules you need to follow to turn your friend’s with benefits sex partner into your boyfriend.

1. Become unavailable for sex

Let him discover that he does like you more than just as a sex partner. Continue to be included in the group activities that include him, but don’t get cornered at the end of the night to be with him. 

2. Open up communication

You need to tell him that you’ve gone from being his “friend” to becoming someone that really cares for him. Often this additional piece of information will seem to come from left field for the guy, but after consideration he will realize that he is really starting to want a more committed relationship with you too.

3. Don’t give in

You’ve already given up that “mystery of sex” by being with him. In step three you’ve ended the sexual intimacy unless there is relationship intimacy too. This is where he decides if he does want to really date you or if he’s just wasting time with you, and really looking for another girl. If this is the fact, then he isn’t, and never was, relationship material.

Having sexual freedom is a statement that is a total lie. And you’ve been swallowed whole by this lie. There is only one way to get past the fact that you can have freedom in a relationship without being held back by someone else’s rules.

And that is learning what is truly most important in your life when it comes to relationships.

These are the things you need to do to make your “friends with benefits” guy your boyfriend.

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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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