How To Not Be Down On Yourself When Single
It's hard to help a woman to "be ready" to meet a great guy when she feels so overwhelmed by the whole dating thing and life in general. There are steps she can take, I told her.

Be Positive to Attract a Man

I have this girl friend of mine that I’m helping through what she describes as a hard time in her life.

Now, I’m older than she is, she’s still in university, so I have the benefit of some experience that I offer to her regularly.

What concerns her most is not having a boyfriend.

She’s busy with school and with a part-time job, but she feels incomplete without a boyfriend to share her experiences with.

It’s hard to tell someone that their life is going as it should when they think it isn’t. It’s also hard to help her to “be ready” to meet a great guy when she feels so overwhelmed by the whole dating thing and why she’s had no luck meeting guys that want to do something other than just hooking up with her.

I feel her pain. I truly do.

The one thing that you have to remember, is that being single is not a curse, it’s a time of great importance.

Being single allows you to experience life through only your own eyes, without the influence and demands of another person.

As it says in “Catch Him & Keep Him” you have to be capable of taking the responsibility of what happens around you.

When my friend can turn around her emotions about her current predicament (being single) and live to enjoy this time of her life her personality will begin to be much more positive.

And being a positive person makes you very attractive.

I asked her how she met her previous boyfriends (just two guys) and she told me about meeting them through friends, they went to the same high school.

I asked her how her outlook on life has changed from her high school days and she told me that she is finding more direction in her life.

She knows what she wants to have as a career, she’s not “lost” like she was after her last breakup.

She is making the first steps to pursuing her dreams; she is mapping out her future; she is beginning to be very happy with her life.

When I point this out to her she becomes reflective. As she looks back over the last two years she understands that she has been chasing two different dreams, having a career and having a boyfriend.

“You can only have one master” I tell her. Once she saw that she wanted to complete school and move forward with her life she became much more happy with her current single status.

She found a realistic outlook on her life that she could live with. She became positive in her goals and, even as a part-time sales clerk, her improvement of having this realistic and positive outlook on her life brought her to a point where her sales picked up, she made more money.

Her school tasks took first place in her life and she enjoyed her time with friends and co-workers more.

And she started to attract a few nice guys to her, I say “Like moths to a flame”, because of her change in accepting responsibility for the “place” she was in and by changing her understanding of how she looked at her life and it’s challenges, allowed her to open up and be more accepting of how her life was turning out.

She’s happily dating, finishing the final term of this year’s courses and remaining positive.

She tells me that she has a couple of really nice guys showing an interest in her, and that she’s happy to not have the pressure of an intense relationship at this point in her life.

I know she’s accepting her life and that her newfound positiveness will bring great guys her way.

This is already manifesting itself in her life.

If you see yourself in this type of situation, you too can change your life around by beginning the steps to understanding yourself and men, how your life is revealing itself and how you can take the power of change into your own hands.

You owe yourself a great life, take these first steps and don’t turn back.

I know, I know… can a book teach a regular girl how to be more successful in the dating world and in life in general?


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Thanks for reading!


Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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