How To Tell If You’ve Found Your Soulmate

3 ways to know if you've found your soulmate.

Will You Recognize Your Soulmate?

Have you even felt that there are no soulmates out there for you?

If you don’t know how to look for the signs or how to read them once you do find them you’ll be forever looking for your soulmate. There are millions, and billions, of people in the world who have soulmates, and there are clues within these soulmate relationships which could help you find yours. Here are the clues so that you will find your soul mate.

Spiritual Connectedness

You see a nice looking fellow standing in line at the store who has such spark and charisma and you wonder what it is about him that catches your attention. Is it his appearance? His charm? His funny way of cocking his head while conversing with the cashier?

You want to learn more about him. You have this pull towards him, yet you do nothing. You look through the shelves, appearing to be invisible, yet you yearn to walk right up to the stranger and introduce yourself. By the time you have found the nerve, he has walked out and is on his way to his car, and out of your life.

What was that, you wonder? That was one of your soulmates that you just let get away?

Spiritual connectedness is the number one sign to look for when confronting a possible soulmate. It is your inner self bonding with the spiritualness of another. The bond is invisible, yet it lies deep within you and cannot be mistaken. It is that strong pull you feel towards another. If you don’t take action when this happens, you will let your potential soulmate get away and you will have destroyed what could have been a long, happy and sustaining relationship.

Karma Connectedness

Susan works long hours at after the breakup of her long marriage, an abusive man who didn’t have anything better to do than fight with her and their yell at their kids when he was in one of his many abusive moods.

To avoid her unbearable home life she works as much as she can, keeping her mind off her past and to provide a comfortable living for her and her children. She has succeeded in getting rid of the negativity in her life and is working on her positivity.

Frank, recently removed from a long-term relationship, is also usually found working alongside Susan most days, as he tries to make deadlines and shielding himself from the memories of his own relationship troubles.

They are comfortable in maintaining a friendly relationship with one another in the safety of their workplace.

Is this a karma connection setting the stage to happen?

Both are emitting great connected karma towards the other and a soulmate bond is very likely in their future.

This is an example of the karma soulmate relationship. All signs look good towards it becoming more, but meanwhile what they have is one of the richest relationships you could ask for.

Friends, close friends, are one of the most important of the soulmate relationships out there

This is the bond that ties two perfectly ordinary people together with no strings attached. What other kind of relationship allows you to do what you want, when you want, with no questions asked?

Will this relationship turn into something more? It is very possible that, over time, once everyone has healed from past relationships, Susan and Frank will find out that being friends is the first requisite to finding a lasting lifelong commitment, if that is what they are both looking for. It’s important to not ignore these types of close relationships. They are necessary for your happiness, wellbeing, and your search for self fulfillment.

Right Place, Right Time Connectedness

Timing is everything and it couldn’t be truer than for the soulmate relationships to have the starting point necessary.

Sheri is a college student studying for her law degree, something she wanted more than life itself.

Bob is a student at the same college aiming for a degree in psychology that has a long to acquire, but he was determined he was going to have that certification if it took his life work to receive.

Sheri and Bob took classes at the same institution and they would often find themselves at the same social functions and parties. While there was a spark between them, both had their hearts set on their personal goals of finishing school and starting with their careers before settling into any significant relationship. They were still looking for their own life purpose before they felt they could be ready to fulfill another’s life.

After Sheri graduated and was comfortably situated into her own career, she was surprised when Bob happened to walk into her office asking for advice. Imagine his surprise when he found out this was the same Sheri that he had a unrevealed crush on all those years.

Sheri and Bob were able to pick up right where they left off, as if time had never passed. Life turned around for them when their soulmate connection was re-established. 

You have to remember that even though your possible soulmate might cross your path, there may be circumstances which will prevent the connection from happening. But when the time is right and everything falls into place, it will happen. Patience is a virtue and when all the signs point to positive next steps, nothing can be more fulfilling than a soulmate relationship.

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