Irresistible Texts by Matthew Coast

If you want to send interesting texts to men without coming across as desperate you need to read this.

How to Tell Through His Texts He’s Flirting With You

[Adapted from Irresistible Texts by Matthew Coast.]

Let’s be honest: texting is sometimes confusing! With all the subtle emotional shifts, the carefully chosen words that imply something, and the missed signals that you never quite get the first time, it’s easy to see why so much miscommunication occurs between text conversations.

Sometimes we use emojis because they seem to communicate some thought – or at least hint at what kind of face you’re making when you’re joking, or expressing grief, or being a little coy.

But emojis aren’t enough! Maybe the problem is that we can never really communicate feelings very well, when we’re just writing short messages – as opposed to being in person, touching, looking into your crush’s eyes, and using a different tone of voice.

As we often talk about, the best thing to do is to turn your texting chat into a physical date at some point.

Now that said, there are some ways to analyze text and determine what a guy is really saying behind all those confusing, innocent, and very often weird texts. Don’t worry, we have all the secrets of decoding guy texts right here. 

We will cover nine texting signs that the guy you like is crushing on you and very possibly even flirting with you in Irresistible Texts by Matthew Coast.

It’s time you not only know what texts to send but what his texts mean

  • Is he flirting with you over text? Know what to look for
  • When do you stop texting him? Know when to make him wait
  • Learn how to trigger his emotions so he can’t stop thinking about you
  • Want him to chase you? We’ll give you the text to send him now

Continue reading to get the powerful texting psychology of Irresistible Texts… and know what to send and when to send it without sounding desperate to hear from him.

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.
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If you want to send interesting texts to men without coming across as desperate you need to read this.
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