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How To Send Irresistible Texts to a Man

One of the hardest things for a woman to do is to take the first step with a guy she’s interested in. 

Making that first contact, taking that first step is just not a very comfortable thing to do. (This is equally an issue with women and men.)

Luckily, once you have his number, you can communicate over text to build his attraction to you and avoid the possibility of face-to-face rejection that you fear. 

In “Irresistible Texts” you’ll learn what to send and when. And more importantly, how to respond to make him want you more and more.

Irresistible Texts by Matthew Coast

It’s time you learned the exact formula that triggers five, specific hormones that make it impossible for him not to text back.

If you want to be interesting and keep a man interested, if you want to land the man of your dreams, start with texting him messages he cannot resist responding to in exactly the way you want him to.