Looking For The Perfect Partner
Your dream mate for life may be already in your life, but do you see him through the emotions and needs that you have?

How Do You Find Your Perfect Match?

We have all lived in the “perfect match” phase of life. Dating and continuing the search for “Mr. (or Ms.) Right” is a passage of life ritual. 

You may even still be there. But holding out for “perfection” in a relationship may be the biggest mistake you could ever make.

Not to say that you shouldn’t look for the best person that will compliment your life, and increase your happiness but holding out to an ideal is not right, just as it isn’t right to continue a relationship with someone that is not “whole”, someone that you feel needs fixing and you’ll be the mechanic.

Allowing someone to enter your emotional life is a huge change for anybody.

Understanding that the “someone” in your life may not be perfect, and still have the ability to love them without having the need to change them, is one of the pillars of having a successful relationship.

Love, true love, comes when your feelings are heard and you are validated by the person you (want to) love.

Just as you need to be heard and be validated (listened to and understood to have the right to your emotions and needs) so does your partner need to be listened to and validated for having their emotions and needs.

Validating does not mean agreeing with their point of view, but allowing and understanding your partner’s emotions and needs and the need and the right to express them.

You do not need to agree with these emotions and statements, just listen and be understanding and supportive. When giving validation to your partner you understand their very human emotional needs.

Love does grow from validation. Giving validation allows you to find perfection without the need of “fixing” your partner.

Listening should not lead to arguments. The worst arguments can be avoided should you allow yourself the patience to put on your hearing ears and just listen. Do not fix the problem unless explicitly asked for that type of help.

But listen, give a few “yes-es” every so often; add a couple “I understands” at pauses. Give and receive the comfort of a hug at difficult moments.

This is how you find perfection in the person you seek to have in your life.

You’ve heard of Modern Sirens but do you know what makes siren women so irresistible to men?

It’s not their looks, and it’s not their charm. It’s something else entirely.

Modern Sirens are women who have learned to tap into their natural Siren power and the ability to make a man feel like he would risk almost anything for her. But what if you could harness that power yourself? Imagine how much easier it would be to attract the right kind of man, the kind who wants to commit himself fully to you—the kind who will make you feel secure in your relationship and happy in your own skin.

What if I told you that the secret “siren” power is something you already have? And that learning how to use it is actually very simple? What if I told you that most women don’t even know they’re using this power… or how easy it is to tap into it? 

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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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