Make Your Guy a Great Relationship Partner

Can I let you in on a big secret? Great guys are not born, they are made by strong women!

How To Make Your Guy Great!

One of the biggest challenges you’ll have in your (dating) life is not finding a great guy. It is creating and maintaining a great relationship.

When you responsibly and comfortably understand that having a great guy relies on several things you need to take charge of, then you’re in the position to never have a bad conversation, disagreement, fight or broken relationship.

And you will easily transition to the life filled with love and respect that you deserve. And always have the mutual trust needed to keep your relationship strong.

#1 Creating the Right Relationship Foundation

All of us are “works in progress”. We have desires, hopes, dreams and egos. We want more than we are willing to give.

When you can see these things in yourself, and more importantly the people around you, then you have the understanding to create a foundation that works for family, friends and lovers.

When you first start dating (and are wearing those “rose colored glasses”), life is bright, food tastes better and there is a spring in your step that everyone can see.

After several months together, your relationship takes a fork in the road. Choices need to be made and generally there are only two to choose from:
– his way
– your way

If and when this happens, it may already be too late unless someone decides to back down. But what if this didn’t need to happen?

#2 Maintaining Open Communication

We all have fears that become “mis-communicated” and get the response we don’t want to see or hear.

When you started dating you both found ways to share the things you like. You talked about them and you did them. Some you did together, some you did apart. This opening up laid the groundwork for future activities and the responsibilities each of you would take concerning these activities.

From where to go out for dinner, what movies and shows to watch, to when, where and how to spend time with family, friends and co-workers, these decisions, at the start, were made together.

As long as they continue to be made together, without any demands being made, these activities will enjoy the open communication that is so important in your relationship.

You need to be vigilant to always focus on open communication with your partner. Never wait for things to “boil over” or to just “go along” when you don’t feel comfortable about doing something. Keep your partner comfortable about taking about everything at any time, to never have to “work it out” in an argument.

This negativity tends to fester and eventually blow up from the smallest complaint into the final relationship fork in the road it’s its eventual end.

#3 Creating and Sharing Common Interests

Sharing things of a common interest creates a bond that will allow you to have a continual foundation that can be built upon throughout your years together and beyond.

Early in your relationship you both identified likes and dislikes and based on these personal views you both found things to do together.

This becomes harder as the relationship progresses. You may not even notice it happening, but the “sharing of activities” can easily drift away, almost without notice, until you are doing more things apart than together.

So what happened?

It’s easy to say that “life happened”. But that’s a complete cop-out.

What happened is you, or your partner (or both) independently decides to not communicate about the happenings and changes in your life, both big and small.

Shared time together is precious. If you started Step #1 strong, and avoided the pitfalls of Step #2, then this step requires even more attention, not less.

#4 Lifelong Learning Potential

Knowing that we are always learning gives you the freedom to explore new things, and more importantly, accept someone else’s point of view and potential.

When you have open communication always available, exploring new things and new experiences together will continue to be an important part of your life and your happy relationship.

Stay open to what the things your partner finds interesting and you’ll see that this road goes both ways. Your shared interests and experiences will keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Thanks for reading!
Robert Lee

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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