Making The Move On The Man
How can you be sure he’s serious? You have to be serious first!

Do You Wait For Him or Do You Make the First Move?

Sooner or later, when you’re dating a guy, he’s going to “pull a move” on you. 

The move is usually physical. He wants to “advance the relationship” in a sexual way.

But sex shouldn’t be the ruler that the strength of your relationship is decided by. That’s a very animalistic way of looking at things, don’t you think?

After all, who would want to have their relationship decided on whether they “did it” or not?

I know that it’s nothing I believe in.

If you don’t have the strength of your own self worth to say “No”, and you end up doing something you really weren’t ready for, then why the hell are you dating?

You can’t be all there and still do something you’re not ready for. Life is really that simple. 1 plus 1 equals 2.

When I do one thing there are usually consequences that affect other things that I do. It’s called personal responsibility.

Now then, my rant is done. Let’s not get so serious again about being serious with the guy you’re dating.

When a guy starts putting “the heat” on you, it’s time to slow him down and make him “prove his love” by his ability to let the sexual part of the relationship cool a while.

When you’re ready, it’s great… when you’re not, you might as well be a rag doll.

And how do you hold off the guy you love so much? Words aren’t always enough, actions speak a lot too. You cool off and he’ll follow your lead… that is, unless you really aren’t that important to him, then he’ll just get in a huff, angry and resentful… and he’ll move on from you.

So be it.

Dating is the first cycle of life where you have to explore to have control. You venture into unknown levels of intimacy to find the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Marriage is not a five year contract.

You can’t have children for just a couple of years and be a good parent.

What follows this first part of the dating cycle is further intimacy, not in a sexual sense but in a real, selfish, and worldly need for that special closeness that can only be experienced with someone that you truly trust, someone that you can give yourself over to completely and be safe, warm and loved.

This is love in the full sense of the word.


And to find love, in this most basic and needed form, requires work and dedication for not falling for second best.

There are 8 billion (or so) people on this world of ours. There is more than one person that will fulfill your need for love. But there is only one person for you to completely love. You can desire many, but you can only be truly satisfied when you love only one and that love and honor is returned to you in the love and honor you receive from him.

So my question to you is: Can you wait for “The One”? 

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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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