Manifesting Your Relationship Genius

You're about to discover what it's like to give and receive love in a way that feels good, inspiring, and life-affirming.

Manifesting Your Relationship Genius

Learn How To Get The Love You Want

Welcome to the Manifesting Your Relationship Genius Program! 

You’re about to discover what it’s like to give and receive love in a way that feels good, inspiring, and life-affirming. We’ll explore where you might be stuck in your relationships with others, as well as how you might be standing in your own way of feeling fulfilled in relationships. By the end of this program, you’ll know the key components of creating better relationships with yourself and others.

It can be helpful to start by imagining what your relationship life could look like when it’s harmonious and supportive.

Are you able to be authentic?

Answer these questions on a piece of paper or in a journal:

  • What does your life look and feel like when you are at ease about your feelings, you’re fully in your body, and you’re able to express how you feel?
  • When you’re at ease around your feelings, are you able to express yourself?
  • Are you able to be vulnerable?
  • Are you able to be present?
  • Are you able to be creative, authentic and playful?
  • When you’re in a space of ease, are things possible because it’s effortless for you?
  • How do you want to experience love?


What do you want to experience?

The first step in manifesting your relationship genius is to identify and clarify what you want to experience. You might have heard that the Universe does not discriminate, but I’m here to tell you that it does.

The Universe will deliver exactly what we ask for, if we are clear about what that is. So before you can ask for a specific person or type of relationship, know exactly how you want to feel as a result of being in love.

A question you need to ask yourself about love

Where do you get stuck in your relationships and why?

This is a question we all need to ask ourselves, because it’s the only way to figure out where we’re getting stuck in our relationships.

If you know what you want, but then can’t express it effectively, or are afraid to ask for what you want because of fear or anxiety, then there’s a good chance that’s where your relationship blocks are coming from!

And if this sounds like something worth investigating further, great! Let’s get started.

Be vulnerable, in love and in control at the same time

Are you being defensive or reactive rather than vulnerable and present?

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable. But it’s also important to be willing to explore what makes you feel vulnerable, and what triggers your defensiveness. In other words, how are you being defensive or reactive, rather than vulnerable and present?

Are you living with your partner according to mutual agreements, or is one of you feeling resentful or unappreciated, which is preventing the flow of good feelings?

If you want to know if your relationship has what it takes to last, take a look at how you’re living together. Are you doing it according to mutual agreements, or is one of you feeling resentful or unappreciated, which is preventing the flow of good feelings?

To get clear on what you want and need from your partner, it helps to be specific about the things that matter most to both of you. For example: What values do we hold in common? How can our relationship support those values? How do we plan on spending time together in the future (and when)? Do we have any financial goals that are important for our family’s well-being—and if so, how will those needs be met (or not)?

You should also consider getting clear about each other’s needs. If there are any changes that need to happen within your home environment—for example, installing a new lighting system or sleeping arrangement—it might help both parties understand why these changes may be needed before they can commit themselves fully towards making them happen.

Can you identify what is missing in your relationship?

Do you feel like your relationship is full of potential that isn’t being realized, or that it feels dead or boring? You are not alone. 

In fact, this is one of the most common frustrations in relationships today.

If you’re not excited about your partner’s presence, then it won’t matter how capable they are at making money or providing for their family; if you aren’t excited by the idea of spending time together, it won’t matter whether they can cook a gourmet meal or win an Emmy award.

The key to creating a vibrant relationship is to find meaning and purpose in each other’s lives. This doesn’t mean that every day needs to be filled with romance and fun, but there should be something meaningful going on between the two of you all the time!

Does it seem difficult to take a deep breath around certain issues in your relationship, because they make you so tense or upset every time they come up? In this case, it’s helpful to know that the way we breathe can impact our emotions and mood. Breathing deeply calms us down and helps us get more in touch with ourselves.

It’s also worth recognizing that breathing deeply can help us stay present in our conversations with our partners, and that being able to be fully present for each other is one of the foundations of good communication. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by negative feelings about something your partner says or does, taking a moment to breathe deeply can help bring your mind back into balance so that you can respond calmly instead of reacting emotionally (without thinking).

Remember: awareness is key! 

The more aware we are of how our emotions are affecting us in any given moment—both physically and mentally, the better equipped we’ll be when it comes time for expressing those feelings appropriately (and constructively) during an argument or conflict resolution scenario with our love interest

Do you sometimes feel tense around your partner even when nothing has happened to bring on that feeling?

You may feel tense around your partner even when nothing has happened to bring on that feeling. The tension can take a variety of forms, but they usually involve:

Being preoccupied with something else while your partner is talking to you.

  • Finding yourself unable to fully relax in the presence of your partner.
  • Feeling annoyed or angry when your partner asks for help with something, even though it’s reasonable for them to have asked in the first place (and especially if you’ve agreed that it would be okay for them to do so).


What is this tension about? What causes it? Why does it happen? How does it affect our relationships and what can we do about these feelings?

Are there some areas of your life where you know what’s going on but can’t stop yourself from repeating destructive patterns anyway?

I mean, do you really want to stay in a relationship that makes you miserable and leaves you feeling empty? Or are there things that happen over and over again, no matter how much time or effort goes into fixing them?

It’s easy to get stuck in repetitive cycles when it comes to manifesting. You know what needs to change, but then something happens that triggers an old pattern—and suddenly everything goes back to the way it was before. This can be frustrating because it feels like no matter how hard we work at changing ourselves or our lives, nothing changes—or if anything does change for the better, then something else comes along and erases all the progress we’ve made.

Decide on the relationship you want, and go for it!

The importance of getting clear about what you want from this program.

In order to manifest what you want and have it be of the highest quality, you must first get clear about your intentions. 

To begin, take a look at the following list of questions and answer them for yourself:

  • What do I want?
  • How do I know when that’s happened?
  • What am I willing to do in order to make it happen?
  • What am I not willing to give up in order for this thing that I want most of all (hint: it’s love) to come into my life?


I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to “Manifesting Your Relationship Genius“, and I wish you the best of luck with your journey to better relationships. If you liked this piece you should take the next step and start learning how to have a fulfilling relationship through “Manifesting Your Relationship Genius“.

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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