Relationships Are a Journey
Every relationship is a journey that starts from nothing and takes you places. The final destination is entirely up to you.

Yes, You Are The Driver of Your Relationship

When you first meet, no matter how, the initial hope of this turning into something special is high. Then, in an instant, doubt clouds your mind and you take out your yardstick to measure him up against your experiences of relationships past.

How you relate to these first moments, and every relationship phase along the way, will make this new experience of love seem effortless or doomed.

Your reactions to his likes and dislikes, and how you share your own, is often the deciding factor of finding the love you desire and deserve.

Past experiences become a replay of hurt, if you let them, causing your new relationship journey to veer wildly off course, simply because you are unprepared to have the map in your hands and remain being the passenger.

The secret to having the self-esteem to be the driving force of love in your life is to believe in yourself. To live the fact that you deserve the best and will not settle for another dead-end relationship.

This personal journey of life runs alongside your relationship roads. Doubt of your own personal power will cross over and crash into your love life if you do not have the guidance of successful relationships as your yardstick.

Discovering the truth about yourself about how you can be open, honest and positive in your own life will provide to you the strength to share and reach for the love, respect and commitment you deserve.

The final destination of your relationship will always be out of reach. Even when you feel fulfilling happiness, you are still on the relationship journey. There are always obstacles ahead to be overcome.

Before I met my second wife, after a first marriage that ended in disaster and hurt, I made the conscious effort to look back at all of my past relationships and why they ended. I wrote down the reasons why I felt they ended and I was honest with myself about the reasons.

I researched these reasons and read about why they happened and what could have been done differently. What I discovered about myself I fully and honestly decided to apply to my next relationship.

What I learned was summed up with “I am in charge of my own feelings, no one else is. If I do not communicate openly there is no possible way for someone to understand me.”

My own relationship journey with my wife is happier than any past relationship because of this. The effort I put into understanding myself pays dividends of understanding her better and how we can work together to keep our relationship strong and rewarding.

I would have saved a lot of time and heartache if there was a shortcut to finding this about myself earlier in life.

Luckily for you there is and I invite you to take it now.

Thanks for reading. Best of luck in life and love.
Robert Lee 


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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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