Smile At Yourself
Can you change one small habit and affect how you feel about yourself? Yes!

Change One Thing to Feel Great About Yourself

Have you ever felt like your wellbeing depended on how a man was feeling and acting?

Where – if he’s upset, or cold, or moody, or even withdrawing from you or neglecting you because of his own “issues,” then you feel terrible?

I remember that this was what my entire love life was like – for most of my life.

It was as though my relationship to myself and my life depended on how my man was relating to me.

If things were good, I felt good.

If they were bad, I felt bad.

And all the awful feelings in between – the anxiety, worry, depression, tears, anger…

Here’s a quick way to change all that and Smile At Yourself:

1. Locate all the mirrors in your home, at work, and in the bathrooms of your favorite local hangouts

I have a big one in my bathroom, several in my living room and office, and a huge, long one in my bedroom, so I’m always passing by one of them – see how often you come in contact with a mirror.

Chances are, if you’re like most of us – you only spend time at a mirror when you’re putting on makeup, checking out your clothing before going out, and brushing your teeth.

And chances are, if you’re like most of us – you’re not all that crazy about staring at yourself in the mirror anyway.

Well, let’s change that.

Let’s get our thrills from staring at ourselves in the mirror!

It’s so much easier to see all the flaws than to see all the beauty in our faces and our bodies – but if you look closely, and with a new perspective – our beauty is so tremendous that the flaws only add to the effect.

The flaws make us less “perfect” – but they also make us more attractive!

The truth is – it’s what we might consider to be our “flaws” that actually creates our “charisma.”

We just have to learn how to love those “flaws” and let them work for us instead of against us – like with this tool.

2. Now – every single time you walk by one of those mirrors, I want you to stop, turn to the mirror, and smile at yourself – even before you get a clear, focused image of your reflection.

In other words, smile at the idea of seeing yourself.

When you get to the point that you automatically smile at yourself every time you see yourself, something will happen inside you that’s very, very nice.

You’ll start to look forward to seeing yourself!

And as you start to feel this way, your heart will warm to yourself – and as that happens, your vibe will change, and your man will experience you in a different, warmer, more confident way.

3. Next – Get up closer to the mirror for a second and see the smile on your face as you’re looking at yourself.

Stay there for a few moments, really smiling at yourself.

See if you can take your whole self in – without what we normally do of picking apart the details.

Let your smile be a secret signal to yourself that you like yourself.

And you WILL.

Don’t worry about getting a “swelled head.”

If you think you are, write me and I’ll tell you it’s a great thing!

I want you to think you’re the “greatest thing since sliced bread” – and you are.

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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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