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The Best Dating Advice For Women

Important dating advice women need to remember to avoid bad dates and men that are not compatible.

Man and woman on a date ina restaurant sitting at a table holding hands

Dating should be fun and without disappointment.

As a woman you can control the where, when and how of the date, so don’t be shy and do be prepared to have these date ideas at the ready. You know he’s going to ask you!

Getting Set Up For a Date

Your friends can be a good source of potential dates, so don’t say no to them setting you up too quickly. Ask questions about the guy and take a chance on a first date coffee date to introduce yourself to him. It could be the start of something wonderful.
Other places to find a date are online dating services, volunteering and even when you’re out with friends. If you see an attractive guy, there’s no harm in talking to him.

Where to Meet For Your Date

Having a coffee date is a good standard “get to meet him” type of date. Of course there are a lot more fun activities you can do on your date so you can have a good time and learn more about him in a different environment.
Other options on where to meet are a shopping mall, museum, art gallery, and anywhere there are other people and interesting things to talk about so the conversation isn’t all about you. Of course, you’ll want to have some things to talk about prepared.

Getting Prepared to Meet and Make Your First Impression

Your first impression is very important. In those first few seconds when he sees you, and you see him, all kinds of things happen, consciously and subconsciously. Dress nicely (according to the place you’re meeting, as in don’t wear a dress if you’re going hiking), have clean hands and fingernails, and smile. And if you get a bad vibe, be prepared. Make eye contact, watch his body language, pay attention to how he responds to you.

Conversation Starters For Your Date

It’s common, and a little frightening, that when you’re on a date suddenly there is this wall of silence where no one is talking. You have things you want to say, or know you should ask, but when confronted by this silence no words come out of your mouth. And he’s just looking at you, also not sure where to take the date conversation.
You need to be prepared with some conversation starters and silence filling topics to keep the date interesting. Keep the conversation light and avoid religion and politics, now is not really the time for in-depth discussions. Here are some ideas:

  • Point something out in the surroundings and comment on it, this could be a painting on a wall, what someone is wearing, the music that is playing, etc
  • Talk about a book or article you’ve recently read
  • Talk about a movie or TV show
  • Talk about food and what you like to eat
  • Talk about places you’ve traveled to

Questions to Ask Your Date

One great part about being on a date is finding out about the things you have in common. So you’ve got to ask the questions that being the right answers. This will help you decide if you’re compatible or not. Here are some questions you can ask your date:

  • If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
  • What is the best part of your job? The worst?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What is your favorite sports team?
  • What person from history would you like to meet if you could?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself

It’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about yourself too much, especially when those awkward silences happen. You want to steer the conversation back to him the soonest you can. Say what you want to say, quickly, and ask him his opinion, or if it’s ever happened to him, etc. When you talk about yourself you’re giving a lot of your mystery away and revealing too much can be a turn off. Be yourself but don’t be an open book.

After The Date is Over

Ask yourself honestly what vibe you got from him. Know what you expect from a guy and what your deal breakers are. You may have a had a list that the guy needs to match up to, but you want to be flexible during the first few dates unless things went horribly wrong on your first date.
Dating is about having fun and meeting interesting people, this should be your main goal. Ask yourself:

  • Were there any dating red flags?
  • Does he seem interesting?
  • Could he be the guy for you?

You can wait for him to contact you after the date, or contact him first. There’s no reason why you can’t reach out to him first, although many people prefer to wait to be contacted after a date. Give him a day, then decide if you need to call or message him first after the date.

Be Honest With Yourself and About Dating

You’re going on dates because you have a goal. Whether this goal is to have some short-term fun or start a long-term relationship, if you’re honest with yourself you’ll be honest with the people you meet and your dating will be that much more successful.

  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
  • Try not to be judgmental.

But most of all, be authentic and have fun, this is what dating is all about.

Date Yourself For The Best Date Ever

One thing is certain, dating can be stressful. All of your attempts to be seen as confident, worldly, friendly and nice can be hard on a woman’s ego when she is turned down by her date.

  • Being on a date with someone can be a lot of fun and lead to interesting situations. 
  • Being on a date by yourself gives you the opportunity to explore more of the world and of yourself.

Going on a date by yourself (yes, being alone and going out) is a great way to be able to be at peace with yourself whether you’re dating or not.

When you can go out alone, without family, friends, coworkers (or any number of other hanger’s on type people) you build your confidence for the ability to do things on your own. The feeling of exploring your world and not being held to someone else’s timetable or needs, offers a great amount of freedom.

You can people watch, without expectation.

You can do whatever you want and, if you’ve had enough, walk away, without having to explain or apologize to someone for ending the outing short.

So go out, date yourself, and discover the company of the one person that will not let you down: yourself.

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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