Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

If women knew these things that guys want them to know a lot of relationships would be much better.

Improve Your Relationship By Understanding Men Better

Sometimes guys are confused by the reactions women give them.  What may seem to be common sense to a guy for a girl to ask or do with him ends up being something a girl never thought of as being something a guy would want a girl to know about them and their needs.

Just come right out and tell the guy

I don’t want to read between the lines, or try to figure out the hint you think you’re giving me. Tell me that you’re interested in me, tell me that you like me, I’m missing your body language signals and I’m not sure what to do next.

A guy’s politeness doesn’t mean he’s into you

I’m just a polite guy, I hold doors open, I let you go first, I ask you how you’re doing, I acknowledge you appropriately. Don’t confuse me being polite as the step before I hit on you. I’m doing so because, like you, I’m a decent human being and am being polite.

Ask the guy out first

Then I’ll really know you like me. It’s OK for you to make the first move too.

Guy’s can quietly enjoy time together

Just because I’m not talking up a storm doesn’t mean I’m mad at you or ignoring you. I’m really enjoying our time together, you make me feel safe enough to not have to talk and secure enough to enjoy quiet time with you.

Sometimes a guy just needs a hug

I need support too. A hug, a shoulder to cry on, someone that will just listen to my fears and not judge me.

Sometimes a guy doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel

I can genuinely not know how I’m supposed to feel about something. I wasn’t allowed to express emotions growing up and it turned into me not being able to understand my emotions or be able to share my emotions as you may expect them to be shared.

Romantic gestures: women can make one too

When you do, I know you love me because it shows that you can do something spontaneously that shows you love me.  
Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.
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If women knew these things that guys want them to know a lot of relationships would be much better.
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