Was It Instant Attraction Or A Slow Progression To Love?

There are two people in a relationship and one change can make all the difference to keeping romance alive.

How Fast Can You Fall In Love?

Do you believe in romantic chemistry?

There are only two ways relationships begin: instant attraction or a slow progression to love each other.

In each instance love is handled a different way. The honeymoon period of the romance has a different sequence of events to it.

Romantic chemistry is the bond that keeps people together, even though later in the relationship, when the honeymoon period is over, and the chemistry seems weaker and the relationship is harder to work for. If you can remember back to those first days of the romantic chemistry you had, you can find keys to help you live that romance again.

One of the key is it’s often bypassed in relationships is the flirtatious instances that were happening at the beginning of the relationship. Love notes left in pockets, simple text messages of “I love you I miss you”, and special dinners of favorite foods that you can share our easy tips to bring romance back into your relationship.

No one ever said he didn’t have to work to keep the relationship strong. No one ever wrote the one thing that sustains relationship that is the same thing for every person.

But there are tips and tricks that will help you improve your relationship without having to set your partner down and talk about your relationship and where it is and why you don’t like it anymore.

These talks never go anywhere and always cause more heartache and hardship than was intended.

So if you can change your own attitude toward the relationship, and you can say to yourself that you will make the changes to bring back the romantic chemistry once had, you will achieve your goal.

Romantic chemistry does not disappear, romantic chemistry simply gets under the day-to-day lives that we have. Romantic chemistry gets pushed aside for routine day-to-day living. It’s not that you’re taking advantage of the other person or you’re being taken advantage of. We do the things we do in a relationship, because we are in a relationship.

Relationships have two people, two distinct personalities, two distinct characters, and two people that decided at one point the lies they belong together. Do you remember feeling that you belong together?

You can have that feeling again.

When a man commits to you, he shares his loyalty with you. It may not always seem that way, and he may have lost that “magic touch” that first attracted you, but have no doubt that that loyalty remains. Doubt is what casts an evil cloud over all relationships.

Men will not care for you, nor will he love you without this loyalty that he has for you.

It’s important to remember back to how you first connect it together. What your dreams were for the future and how your actions kept the both of you together. Remember those things and bring them into the future, and you will have the relationship that you want, deserve, and should have.  

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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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