When He Says He Doesn’t Want A Relationship
A lot of relationships with guys start off with being friends, sharing life's secrets and getting closer to the point of being boyfriend and girlfriend in every way but the commitment.

Can You Take Him Beyond Just Friendship?

Becoming “best friends” with a guy allows for a real closeness but there is the ever-present danger of creating the relationship atmosphere that does not allow the relationship to move beyond being close friends.

If the guy won’t commit you end up being the person he relies on to be with him with no commitment needed, a “friends with benefits” type relationship whether sex is included or not.

I have seen many times these types of relationships fail and end in heartache for the woman because the guy said to her what he wanted, which was no relationship but to just be friends (and the unsaid fact that he’s just waiting for Ms. Right to come along and you’re not her) and she hung on in a desperate attempt to get him to change his position about the relationship.

If you want to “Catch Him” you have to allow yourself to be not taken advantage of

Bringing some “space” into the relationship, by not being there every time he needs a shoulder to cry on, or feels horny and wants to make out, then you give the relationship you did have time to find it’s own path.

You have to allow this “being unavailable time” to give him time to decide how important you are in his life so that you yourself can better understand where the both of you are going.

Catching Him is all a part of finding out if he is “good enough” for you to catch and want. When he doesn’t want a relationship you have work to do.

Wanting a guy and catching a guy are two intertwined but distinctly different emotions and actions that you have to allow to lead you, emotionally, into the real relationship you want. But lead the emotions don’t let them lead you.

Innermost feelings of attraction and love are hard to master to your command, and you shouldn’t let that be your goal, but rather understanding how these emotions affect your actions and reactions to the men around you.

You can’t change him, not at first… and if he rejects attempts to move the relationship past where it is, your answer has been provided. He’s not the catch you thought he is.

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Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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