Why is My Girlfriend Being Nice To Me?
When your girlfriend is suddenly nice to you, this may be why.

Understand Why She’s Being Nice To You To Keep Her

There are plenty of reasons why your girlfriend is suddenly nice to you. But you’ll need to understand what her motivations are if you’re going to keep her or break up with her.

She’s being nice because she’s cheating on you

The signs for cheating, besides suddenly being nice to you, are that she starts to look nicer. Better makeup, a new hair style. Nicer clothes. She has a bounce in her step. And she doesn’t say why she is doing any of these things and when questioned she just says your being paranoid or silly.

Your girlfriend no longer wants to make out

When your girlfriend is being nice all of the sudden, but pulls back when you want to kiss or have sex, this is a big warning sign that she’s cheating on you or getting ready to dump you. It may be time to have a heart-felt talk about your relationship status and future before it’s too late.

She prefers being with her friends instead of you

When she’s being nice to you but not spending as much time with you, or simply ignoring you, you may be on the path to a breakup. When your girlfriend starts spending time with friends it can be because you’re rushing the relationship or you’re being possessive and clingy. Of course, if she’s hanging out with new friends that you haven’t met, she’s probably cheating on you and hiding it by suddenly being nice to you and ignoring you at the same time.

She’s started keeping secrets from you

This is a very bad sign, when your girlfriend starts keeping secrets from you. When she doesn’t tell you who she’s texting or messaging, when she’s scrolling through Instagram or Snapchat more often, when she posts things that don’t include you and doesn’t explain why she posted it. Your girlfriend changes the topic or avoids answering you altogether when you ask her what’s going on.

What you need to do to raise her interest level when your girlfriend is being nice to you

Set aside some couples-only time so you can talk to your girlfriend about your feelings about how she’s behaving. Let her know that you’re not going to jump to any conclusions but you do want to know what’s going on and why she’s being nice to you.

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