You Said You’d Never Marry, What Changed?
It's the connection you seek that is within your grasp to make happen, provided you know how.

Love Really Does Conquer All

One of the most common lines from people, mostly men is “I’m not going to get married” and “I’m not ready for marriage” and sometimes, “I’m not the marrying type”.

The bold truth behind these statements is that the guy is not ready to marry YOU. Or is he?

To have the relationship you want is to look for the truth or the lie in the statement as it refers to your relationship. Do you feel confident that when you hear “I’m not going to marry you” it is a lie, that you can change that sentence to a more agreeable “I will marry you if you’ll marry me”?

Are you fooling yourself or just having such a good time with him that at this time you don’t really care?

Attaining the relationship you want is to understand how you feel about the relationship and what changes YOU can make to have the life and life-partner that you want, that you need, to be fulfilled.

If an old flame contacts you (while you are single) and wants to get together, can you move back into that place where you were before you broke up so long ago?

Sure you can. But do you? In the new light of day and advanced years (you’re older now than you were then) is rejuvenating the relationship possible with new ground rules? With making a true relationship that can last rather than a “remember me” fling.

We will dig deep into the fear you have to understand how to create the relationship you want, with a guy that does want to marry you, by learning how to speak up for yourself without being confrontational. Starting a fight never leads anywhere but to more anger and disappointment.

You can change your habits from ‘fear and want’ to graceful giving and love simply by identifying what you want, what you will share and the methods to make these changes to yourself that will affect change with the most important person in your life.

We are all called to find our soul-mate, we aren’t always able to see who that person is.

What changes in your life that you do now want to get married?

Are you happier? Have you made a greater connection? Or have you adjusted your own personal habits to let more of the other person into your life so that marriage becomes the safe, loving option it is meant to be.

Can you lose your fear and move into the “commitment zone”?

Moving beyond the physical connection into the romantic chemistry that is in your relationship allows you to fulfill your desires to a level that a purely physical relationship can never match.

Friendship that moves into dating which moves into a relationship that turns into the chemistry that can support a life-long commitment. 

Rob L. editor and writer
This article written and/or edited by Robert Lee.


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